Hospital Retail Study


The Hospital Retail Study by The Mercurius Group provides crucial insights into the hospital retail sector in Australia and New Zealand. This report helps you boost revenue and improve visitor and staff experiences.

This comprehensive report includes:

Part One: An in-depth overview of the current hospital retail sector in Australia and New Zealand, highlighting key trends and benchmarks.

Part Two: Detailed insights from our bespoke consumer research study, examining staff and visitor retail preferences and behaviours in and around hospitals.

Part Three: Thorough analysis of income generation potential for hospitals through enhanced retail planning and execution, based on our extensive research.

Part Four: A practical roadmap for hospital owners and developers to significantly increase revenue from on-site retail activities, providing actionable strategies and recommendations.

Key Benefits of the Hospital Retail Study:

  • Increase Revenue: Discover new opportunities to maximise retail income.
  • Enhance Visitor Experience: Implement strategies that cater to the needs and preferences of hospital visitors.
  • Improve Staff Satisfaction: Provide retail options that benefit hospital staff, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Strategic Planning: Gain access to data-driven insights and actionable recommendations for better retail planning and execution.

Explore the Hospital Retail Study to transform your hospital’s retail strategy, enhance visitor and staff experiences, and drive substantial financial growth.

Order the Hospital Retail Study, AU & NZ Edition 2024:

For licences above 4 copies, please contact Ivo Favotto (, +61 423 564 057) to discuss.