Hospital Retail Study


Conceived by The Mercurius Group, the Hospital Retail Study sheds some much-needed light on the hospital retail sector in Australia and New Zealand.

The report is structured in four parts as follows:

Part One Provides details about the existing hospital retail sector in Australia & New Zealand

Part Two Provides insight into staff and visitor retail in and around hospitals via our bespoke consumer research study 

Part Three Details, based on our research into the existing hospital retail sector and the bespoke consumer research, the scale of the income generation available to hospitals from better retail planning and execution

Part Four Provides a roadmap for hospital owners and developers to follow in order to achieve significant higher revenue from retail activities on-hospital 

Order the Hospital Retail Study, AU & NZ Edition 2024:

For licences above 4 copies, please contact Ivo Favotto (, +61 423 564 057) to discuss.